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Here are some of the most popular penis pumps selling through our online store.


The first time I tested one of these sexual devices for men I taken back by the idea of using a pump, but once I feel the suction my mind was instantly changed. I had always viewed these devices as some kind of a gimmick that never sold, yet once I learned more about them, and the many ways to use them, I have started telling everyone I know about them.

You can now find information about penis pumps and their usefulness for correcting ED or erectile dysfunction on the Mayo clinic’s web site. One brand, the post–t-vac is now medicaid approved, and there are all types of pumps available with lots of options these days.

Personally I find pumping a great way to enhance masturbation, it can be effective at getting an erection faster and harder if you are having trouble getting it up, even if it’s just round two. Pumps can also be used in an exercise type program to make your dick bigger. What I once thought was a novelty item is actually a multi-use multi-functional fun tool, not just a toy!


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